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There is just one more episode before the grand finale of "Game of Thrones" season four, and like the previous seasons, this time too, the penultimate episode is going to be packed with action.

The penultimate episode of season one featured the beheading of Ned Stark; season two had the Battle of the Blackwater, and season three shocked fans with the Red Wedding. And on Sunday, fans of the series will be presented with the Battle of Castle Black, which has been brewing for a long time now.

Like the fight between the Red Viper and The Mountain, the Battle of Castle Black has been one of the most-awaited scenes of the season, and from the looks of it, the episode is going to be as gory as it can get.

The episode is titled "The Watcher on the Wall" and official synopsis of the episode only hints that Jon Snow and the rest of the Night's Watch will have to face one of the biggest challenges to the Wall yet.

The preview of the episode shows the massive size of Mance Rayder's army, which includes a giant who is seen trying to break through the Wall. Snow and his army of 100 or so men will have to take on 100,000 Wildlings, but the battle proves to be one of the rare moments when the good guys emerge triumphant.

However, the outcome of the battle will not be as gratifying for Snow as imagined. Snow meets his former girlfriend Ygritte in the form of an enemy in "The Watcher on the Wall," but during the battle she gets slain by an arrow.

Ygritte, the one person who Snow truly loved, will die in his arms and they even share a tender moment together. Her last words to Snow will be, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

Talking about the Battle of Black Castle, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said that it was no easy task shooting the scene, and said that the scene is going to be more intense than Blackwater.

"It's a very intense episode, more intense than Blackwater. We're seeing it now, even before visual effects have gone in, and it's still magnificent," Benioff told Entertainment Weekly.

"The Watchers on the Wall" is directed by Neil Marshall, who also directed Blackwater.

"With so much action, the more layered it gets, and then the easier it is to stop making any sense and just show a lot of random guys hacking and beating away at each other. And Neil's sense of what was happening in an extremely complicated environment is so strong," Weiss added.

"Game of Thrones" season 4, episode 9, "The Watchers on the Wall," will air on Sunday, June 8 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.