For the first time in the last five seasons, we can view the "Game of Thrones" world by stepping into Jon Snow's shoes. And it's true, we know nothing. As the production for season 6 is underway, the cast has remained tight-lipped and George R R Martin's blog has been dead. Just like his character, we suppose?

Nonetheless, there are so many reasons to doubt Jon Snow's death especially because the actor has been hanging about in Belfast with his crow friends. Another reason why Jon Snow couldn't be dead is due to the fact that he's integral to the plot, along with Tyrion Lannister.

Yes, it seems like an unlikely combination, but the two will play a very important role in the next season. Their roles will champion them as dragon riders along with Dany.

As we know, Dragons are not easy to ride. It is crucial for a dragon rider to have Targaryen blood or possess some knowledge on how to tame their dragon.

A popular argument suggests that Tyrion, Jon and Dany could be related by blood. In Jon's case, he is half-Targaryen and half-Stark. What about Tyrion? Could the dwarf be a Targaryen as well?

We think so. He dreams about dragons just as Dany does.

There are many passages in the books, which suggest that Tyrion is most probably fathered by the Mad King, Aerys. His physical description does not complement a stereotypical Lannister's physique. Tyrion is said to have one green eye and one black eye. Furthermore, his hair is pale blonde and black. Fans would remember that Targaryen are distinguished by their silvery blonde hair. And in the "Game of Thrones" series, looks don't deceive. It was this revelation that led Ned Stark to launch an investigation into Cercei and Robert Baratheon's children.

Furthermore, Ser Barriston Selmy says that the Mad King took many liberties with Joanna Lannister on their wedding night. This theory comes geographically close to the truth as Tywin was in King's Landing during the Mad King's reign. Furthermore, Tywin's favourite line to Tyrion was always, "You are no son of mine."

In any case, Tyrion's proximity to Dany will surely exhibit his vast knowledge about dragons, the creatures' history and lore. Perhaps this would come handy when Dany trusts him enough to ride one of her dragons.

If this theory proves to be correct, then Tyrion could be riding Viserion, its gold markings would complement the colours of House Lannister.

As for Jon Snow, he is indeed dead. Nevertheless, we think he will resurrect as Jon Targaryn and take Westeros by surprise. Perhaps with his dragon, Rhaegal. After all, he is rumoured to be Rhaegar Targaryen's son.