Once Upon a Time Recap
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Like "Friends" defined the 90s, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" defines the early 2000s and "How I Met Your Mother" defined the later 2000s, every era is defined by the TV shows of the time. 2015 has gifted the viewers a diverse number of shows; from comedies to dramas to mocumentaries and comic book re-imaginations, today there are far too many good scripted series on TV to choose from. 

Game of Thrones

The HBO adaptation of George RR Martin's acclaimed novel series , "A Song of Ice and Fire" is the most popular show in the history of television. With larger-than-life characters and unbelievably intricate story lines, "Game of Thrones" has been transporting viewers to Westeros for four years now and will continue to do so for at least couple more years to come. 


"Arrow", a modern-day re-visualisation of the comic book series with the same name, follows the life of billionaire playboy-turned vigilante Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). With a refreshingly diverse and relatively unfamiliar cast, "Arrow" has managed to strike a chord with not only comic book fans, but also regular series addicts. 

The Big Bang Theory

Wildly different from Chuck Lorre's innuendo-filled other shows like "Two and a Half Men" and "Mom", "The Big Bang Theory" appeals to nerds and the cool kids alike. The love story of the geek and the cheerleader, told time and again is unfolded beautifully, while romance takes a backseat in the six scientists' journey to keep studying and understanding science. The interactions between the socially awkward foursome and the outside world generally unleashes laugh riots. 

Once Upon a Time

A brilliant retell of all the stories from your childhood, "Once Upon a Time" is dark, thrilling and surprisingly realistic. Although the characters are larger than life and the stories are obviously imagined, every plot twist seem organic on some level. It is also one of the most women-centric shows of all time; the hero (Emma Swan) and villain (The Evil Queen) were both female. 


"Castle" stands monumental to the charm of Nathan Fillion, who plays the titular Richard Castle, and his brilliant comedic timing. Although after seven years of solving homicides the mystery solving gets a bit tiresome and the killers tend to be outrageously far-fetched, the show makes up for with witty dialogues, visible camaraderie among the cast and the palpable chemistry between the leads, Castle and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

How to Get Away With Murder

The latest show to be granted entry to Shonda Land "How to Get Away With Murder", is not only awesome because of its brilliantly written story lines, but also because of the many barriers it broke down. From portraying a gay sex scene with as much beauty as a heterosexual sex scene, to displaying a racially diverse cast, the thriller series gave many firsts to television. When Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) defeatedly takes off her makeup and wig, depicting a black woman in her most open and vulnerable state, it spoke for not just Black, but every marginalised race in the world. 


The legal dramedy is equal parts smart, stylish, sexy, and sophisticated. Mike (Patrick Adam) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) represent the epitome of professional cut-throat success in a corporate world. We believe what these "legal" masterminds sell; Mike and Harvey are the powerful people who represent the American Dream. The chemistry between the characters is also undeniable; be it Donna and Harvey or Rachel and Donna or Mike and Harvey or Mike and Rachel. 

The Originals

A spin-off for the CW show "The Vampire Diaries", "The Originals" has managed to attract more audiences than its parent with more hunger, blood lust and the raw desire to kill and destroy. "The Originals" which narrate the story of the first Vampire family rarely wastes time with romance or regret; it is all about power and family. Moreover, the hero of the show Klauss (Joseph Morgan) is also the villain, whom the audiences have a love-hate relationship with. 

Orphan Black

"Orphan Black" is a BBC drama that plunges into the moral dillemma accompanying the undeniable future of human cloning. It is one of the only shows that represt the purity of science fiction, by staying away form the "undead" genre of zombies and vampires. The originality of the series is also widely appreciated. 

American Horror Story

Born in the clearly disturbed mind of Ryan Murphy, "American Horror Story" seasonally changes if venue, but consistently entertains its audiences. From the "Haunted House" to the "Asylum", to "Coven", to "Freak Show", AHS has terrified its viewers for four years running now, and will continue to do so in Season 5 "Hotel".