Indira Varma
Indira VarmaReuters

"Game of Thrones" has often been accused of exposing the bodies of young women to excite audience, and actress Indira Varma, who plays Ellaria Sand on the show recently questioned the lack of diversity in nudity.

Talking to The Independent, Varma questioned if there was a necessity to expose the bodies of young women just so that they can be admired.

"There is a place for beauty, and youth, and sexiness, and nudity – of course there is. And there's an audience, definitely!"said Varma. "But, personally, if there's no real necessity for it… why show it? We reduce women to just being looked at and admired?"

The British actress, who made her "Game of Thrones" debut last season, was however quick to note that she has no problems with nudity as such, as she is no stranger to nude scenes.

"I've done [nude scenes]. I've done it so much!" Varma confessed. "At my age... nobody wants me to get my body out! Then I think, 'Why don't we see women with floppy breasts and saggy arses? If we're going to see the young beautiful ones, why can't we just see them all?' I don't draw the line. If I thought it was something that had a point [I would do it]."

Varma will be reprising her role as Ellaria, the bisexual bastard daughter of a noble man, in the upcoming season as well, and fans will see more of her clan as the story moves to Dorne. "If you've seen season four, you know why I'm back," Varma said. "We go to Dorne…Basically, you meet some of her clan and shit happens! I've got three hot, hot daughters."

Meanwhile the next season of "Game of Thrones" will feature more nudity and a highly anticipated scene is Cersei's Penance Walk, also known as the Walk of Shame.

Lena Headey's character will be stripped naked and forced to walk from the Great Sept to the Red Keep, when her plan to get rid of Margaery Tyrell backfires and her lies are exposed.