Taapsee Pannu in Game Over
Taapsee Pannu in Game OverTwitter

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Anish Kuruvilla, Vinodini Vaidyanathan

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Fear is something that keeps us away from the things that we love. Especially when we fear of losing our lives, the urge to live will make you fight back with all your fears. In short, if you want to live you have to fight, but not give up.

Well, this is what Taapsee Pannu's Game Over, which hit the screens on Friday, wants its audience to learn.

Directed by Ashwin Saravanan and written by Kavya, Game Over is just like a video game. From multiple lives to power-ups, a video game is just like our life is what the director wants his audience to understand. Looks like he has succeeded in conveying what he wants to say.

Amrutha (Sanchana Natarajan) lives alone in her house which is located on a lonely street. Amrutha is not aware that someone is watching her from distance. Finally, after some time, the perpetrator breaks into her house and kills her brutally.

Swapna (a brilliant Taapsee Pannu) plays a video game developer. Because of an accident that has happened to her a year ago, Swapna develops anxiety issues and is afraid of darkness. While she is struggling to recover, Swapna gets to know about her connection with Amrutha and it leads her to uncover the truth about Amrutha's life, and hers too.

Kala Amma (Vinodini Vaidyanathan) is the caretaker of Swapna and moral support too. She fits well into the role and has done her best.

The screenplay is the hero of the film and the makers have used the theme of a video game to the fullest.

Taapsee plays the role of Swapna effortlessly and with ease. Her expressions in every tough phase she goes through are amazing. From incorporating paranormal activities to unsolved mysteries, Ashwin has made use of the kinds of thrilling elements.

Vinoth's camera work and Ron Yohan's music take the film to another level.

This brilliant film is definitely worth a watch this weekend if you don't mind some slow screenplay in the first half.