Game of Thrones
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Now that Joffrey is dead, Tommen is the future king of Westeros and he was crowned during Sunday's episode of "Game of Thrones," where the future of Margaery as Tommen's bride was also discussed.

Following the crowning ceremony, Cersei gets close to Margaery where she concedes that Joffrey was an evil person. Later during a chat with Tywin, Cersei also hints at the possibility of Margaery and Tommen getting hitched, once the appropriate mourning period is over. But it remains to be seen if Cersei has a hidden agenda behind befriending Margaery.

Viewers are also told that Westeros is heavily indebted to the Iron Bank of Braavos, which spells bad news for the kingdom as Tywin points out that the Iron Bank brings down whoever does not pay back its money.

Meanwhile, Sansa and Littlefinger arrive at Eyrie where Lysa, who has her 11-year-old son Robin on her lap, is eagerly waiting for her lover. Lysa is as crazy as ever and wants to marry Littlefinger the same night.

"What wife would do for you the things I've done for you?" she asks, and hints that Littlefinger was the one who gave her the poison that killed her husband Jon Arryn. Littlefinger was also the brains behind Lysa manipulating Catelyn to make her think the Lannisters did the deed.

"You gave me those drops and told me to pour them into Jon's wine," she blurted, adding, "You told me to write to a letter to Cat, tell her that it was the Lannisters who…"

This means that Littlefinger was behind the death of Ned Starks, the decline of Wasteros and the War of the Five Kings, in addition to Joffrey's murder. The upcoming episodes might explain Littlefinger's motives behind the action, but his marriage to Lysa is a part of his game to gain control of one of the largest armies in Westeros.

The caste is impregnable and its coffers are filled with gold, which will now be at Littlefinger's disposal if he is gearing up to wage a war.