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The incestuous relationship between Jaime and Cersei in the "Game of Thrones" series has had viewers raising their eyebrows in disapproval. Sunday's episode, where the brother-sister duo had sex next to their son's corpse, has caused an outcry among fans, who feel that the scene was unnecessary as it was not featured in the book.

George R. R. Martin, author of the "Game of Thrones" series of books, addressed the controversy in a blog post stating that the dynamics of Jaime and Cersei's relationship in the series is slightly different from what's depicted in the books.

"In the novels," Martin explained, "Jaime is not present at Joffrey's death, and indeed, Cersei has been fearful that he is dead himself, that she has lost both the son and the father/ lover/ brother. And then suddenly Jaime is there before her. Maimed and changed, but Jaime nonetheless. Though the time and place is wildly inappropriate and Cersei is fearful of discovery, she is as hungry for him as he is for her."

In the series, Martin explained that Jaime has been back for weeks and he has had several interactions with Cersei. "The setting is the same, but neither character is in the same place as in the books, which may be why Dan & David played the sept out differently. But that's just my surmise; we never discussed this scene, to the best of my recollection," Martin wrote.

The sex scene has caused an outrage among "Game of Thrones" fans who have termed it as rape as Cersei is shown protesting when her brother initiates sex. The scene starts with Cersei mourning the death of her son. Jaime comes in to pay his respects and tries to comfort Cersei. But things get out of hand when they start kissing. Although she tries to put a stop to the act saying it is wrong, Jaime gets aggravated and proceeds to rape her.

But Alex Graves, the director of the series, does not see it as rape. "Well, it becomes consensual by the end, because anything for them ultimately results in a turn-on, especially a power struggle," he said, according to Hitfix.