Game of Thrones Ascent
Game of Thrones Ascent will now be released on iPad too.Disruptor Beam

Fans of George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" will be excited to hear that the video game titled Game of Thrones Ascent, a spin-off of the HBO TV show that is based on series of books will now be released on iPads too.

As fans wait until 6 April for the premiere of the first episode of the fourth season of the TV series, they can play the game, which has been developed by Disruptor Beam. The game was originally released for web browsers in 2013 and was also playable on Facebook and on the websites of its developer.

The game for iPad has added new features for the tablet's retina display - Game Center leaderboards and iOS 7 compatibility and support. It will also feature an improved user flow, updated user interface, enhanced art, and optimised imagery.

Players will be able to ally with the Starks, Lannisters, Greyjoys and other families and strategize the growth of the family they have allied with. Players can also create alliances with other players and they can fortify their capital.

Players will travel to the fantasy world of Westeros and take part in what is going on even as the TV show continues. "We recognize that tablets are actually where so many Game of Thrones fans are either reading the books or watching the TV show," said Jon Radoff, CEO and founder of Disruptor Beam, GameSpot reported.

Any move made by the player will improve the power score and players can check where they stand in the global leaderboard. Players will be given different choices in the game and the story progresses based on what option the player chooses. There are 'thousands' of story quests in-game and players will be playing as nobles of Westeros.

The game will be available on Android, sometime in the future, promised Radoff. Telltale Games are also developing a Game of Thrones title, but there has been no information of its release date yet.