Galaxy Note7 recall: How to identify your Samsung phablet has safe battery
Galaxy Note7 recall: How to identify your Samsung phablet has safe batterySamsung Newsroom

Ever since reports of Galaxy Note7 battery explosion made headlines in August, Samsung has been under severe pressure to recover from the setback.

In a bid to improve its image among loyal patrons, the company wasted no time in recalling all the 2.5 million Galaxy Note7 units sold across all regions and delayed the release of the phone in other countries.

As a pro-active measure, Samsung has released a software update to the Galaxy Note7, which prevents the battery from charging above the  60 percent limit, beyond which the phone would have caught fire due overheating in the cell.

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Just a few days ago, Samsung resumed the exchange of flagship phablets with safe batteries in select countries including the United States, China, Canada and South Korea.

Now, to help users easily understand if their new Galaxy Note7 is safe to use, Samsung has introduced a Green battery icon that has been included in three specific software changes.

The new green battery icon will be visible:

1) On the Status Bar

2) On the Always On Display screen

3) On the Power Off prompt screen, which can be accessed by pressing the power key for a long time.

In addition to that, Samsung has marked a black square on the packaging box to assure buyers that the Galaxy Note7 they are using is safe.