"Galavant" is one of those shows that doesn't sell on paper but works remarkably well on TV, due to the witty writing, brilliant acting, beautiful singing and the fourth-wall breaking comedy. The people that do watch the period musical-comedy are therefore worried sick about the fate of "Galavant" in terms of Season 3.

As of now, ABC has not announced if the show will return for Season 3, but fans do want to know more about the cliffhanger in Season 2 finale. In "The One True King (To Unite Them All)," King Richard (Timothy Omundson), "the same guy who cried when he got jelly on his fancy pants," became the prophesied king to kill the evil sorcerer/wedding planner Chester Wormwood (Robert Lindsay).

He not only won the war that his former wife aka the evil queen waged against Hortensia, but also finally lost his virginity to the woman he loves. Richard and Galavant (Joshua Sasse) were joined by the former's childhood friend Roberta aka Bobby (Clare Foster) in their quest to save Isabella (Karen David) from her fiancé and eleven-year-old cousin, Prince Harry (Kemaal Deen-Ellis).

During their mission, Roberta and Richard had fallen in love, and in true romcom-style, Richard even stopped his lover from going on a one-way journey to Island of Spinster. Their story in Season 2 of "Galavant" had ended with them living a happy life along with Robert's pet dragon Tad Cooper.

Even Galavant and Isabella were seen enjoying their retirement from heroism by the sea. The only unfinished story in the season was that of Garreth (Vinnie Jones), who along with Sid (Luke Youngblood) had gone on a quest to save Madalena (Mallory Jansen) from herself.

As fans know, she had dabbled with D'DEW or Dark Dark Evil Way, thanks to Chester. She craved for more power and had gone to a spooky castle to meet with the Dark Evil Lord. Viewers will be following her if there comes a new season.

None of the fans are ready to say goodbye to Galavant and gang, and few have even written songs meant to be sung in the tune of "Galavant" theme song, expressing their desire for yet another season:

But now that we all know

The ending of the show

It seems like they may seek a change in venue

To Hulu or Netflix

Get out your Fire sticks

A move to streaming may be on the menu


Our heroes might get one more season

If the budget's within reason


May mean some things get tossed

And it may end like Lost

But we'll still get more



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