Gaddam Gang
Gaddam Gang

The much-awaited Rajasekhar's "Gaadam Gang" hit the theatres on 6 February and the movie has garnered mixed reviews from the critics.

Directed by Santhosh Peter, "Gaddam Gang" is the remake of Tamil movie "Soodu Kaavum". 

Most of the critics have opined that the story of the movie was very strong but it could not be depicted well on the screen, leaving audience confused in the end.

Speaking about the flick's positive aspects, the critics say it is a relief to see Rajasekhar in his new "avatar". The lead actress, Sheen, has managed to keep up the glamorous quotient of the movie. Other stars who were part of the cast include Naresh, Noel, Sathyam Rajesh and Naga Babu.

The slow-paced second half and less impressive climax are the major negative points of the movie. The songs of the film also did not have much to contribute to the storyline and moreover, they are placed at wrong intervals.

However, reviewers say "Gaddam Gang" is watchable if you go to theatres without many expectations.

Check out  the review roundup of "Gaddam Gang":


Direction by Santosh Peter is average. He didn't mess with the script of Soodu Kavvum and stayed almost loyal to it. However he failed to get the flavor of the original. Director is not so successful in making this an enjoyable experience despite having 'good' source material at hands.

Achu tried to offer something new with his music. His efforts can be seen, but unfortunately couldn't get the desired effect. Background music is impressive. Cinematography is neat. Editing is alright. Producers spent enough as per the requirements of the script.

Times of India

Gaddam Gang, a remake of a Tamil film, Soodhu Kavvum, is a black comedy which revolves around a bunch of amateur kidnappers who find themselves in deep trouble after their master plan goes haywire. While the film's original plot itself is brilliant to say the least, unfortunately, a lot of it is lost in translation.

For Rajasekhar, the film is a welcome break from all the cliched roles he has done over the years; however, it doesn't quite establish the notion that he is comfortable in his new skin. Noel Sean has a meaty role in the film and he delivers a credible performance whereas cameos by Saptagiri and Raghu Babu are far from effective.

AP Today

Rajasekhar tried to reinvent himself this time for a change and appears to have enjoyed the process of playing mentally unstable kidnapper. Sheena Shahabadi fits into the glamour slot perfectly and she is a feast for the eyes.

Sathyam Rajesh, Achu and the guy who played Pandu were just about okay. Naga Babu is impressive. Naresh and Raghubabu have done justice to their roles. Saptagiri isn't up to the standards set by him. Yog Jappe as Cop 'Gabbar Singh' is effective.


First half of the film is decent and has some interesting comedy episodes. Naresh is impressive as a honest politician, and Noel who played his son's role is the most impressive of the younger lot. Satyam Rajesh gets a meaty role and is improving with every film. Some kidnapping scenes during the first half have been executed well. Naga Babu brings in the necessary laughs, and all the twists in the second half are ok.

Even though the story of the film is decent, the way it has been executed is below average. Since the movie is based on a group, the supporting cast should have been more familiar. Except for Satyam Rajesh, rest of the other newcomers are below average. Gaddam Gang suffers from heavy Tamil flavor and does not have the necessary effect.

Telugu Mirchi

"Gaddam Gang" is a different kind of film that has not been seen in Telugu cinema in the recent past. The treatment is different with full of laughs and unpredictable situations with great wit, dark humour and satire. Even the most serious dialogues in the gravest situations make the audience laugh uncontrollably. Packed with several funny and outrageous twists, "Gaddam Gang" makes for one time watch. In one word, it is a better attempt from a debutante director.