G-Dragon's personal life was widely analysed and discussed by netizens after the news of his break-up with model and actress Kiko Mizuhara surfaced on the Internet. Although GD and Kiko haven't made a public statement on their relationship as yet, there have been enough signs on their Instagram accounts to suggest that they have moved on. But, it has been learnt that Kiko still misses G-Dragon.

Recently, Kiko posted a picture of herself on Instagram striking a GD aegyo pose. Although Kiko looks adorable in the picture, loyal fans of the BIGBANG star attacked her for copying a move that is almost a signature G-Dragon pose.   

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A fan, Cloudykwon, commented, "OH SO YOU'RE TRYING TO DO THE "GD AEGYO"?"

Perhaps the model still misses her ex, who currently wrapped up BIGBANG's "MADE" tour in China. It seems as if Kiko has turned to her family at this juncture for support and comfort. Her Instagram account contained a picture of baby Kiko with her mom.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that G-Dragon and his fellow band member Taeyang will host their individual shows on Naver's V app, reported Kpopstarz. The website also said that G-Dragon's segment will air on Wednesday, 2 September, and will be titled, "1 plus 1 is Jiyong- Let's Not Do Anything". Taeyang's show, which will premiere on Wednesday, 9 September, is known as "Taeyang is Going To Eat Now".

BIGBANG's GD and Taeyang are popular for their bromance, which can often be spotted on TV shows. When the two appeared on "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator", Taeyang did not hesitate to joke about Jiyong (G-Dragon) publicly. He said, "If you want a situation to magnify substantially, then you just need to tell G-Dragon. We said his mouth was [worth] 10 KRW (a penny). Now it's at about 50 KRW (four pennies) because his mouth got a bit heavier," Allkpop reported.