Mohammed Al Jariri
Mohammed Al Jariri

Mohammed Al Jariri, CEO of Aljariri Group of Companies is looking forward to step into Indian Football ecosystem after observing the great potential that lies within the future of Indian Football.

Being involved in various business ventures, Mohammed Al Jariri is well known entrepreneur from Dubai. From the initial days the likelihood of Mohammed Al Jariri in the various sports, especially football made him take one step ahead in this field for the betterment of football

Mohammed Al Jariri owns the football club of Brazil Arena Corinthians and he already had a mega football charity match lined up in Brazil where all the big names of International football community will show up.

Mohammed Al Jariri says there is a huge potential in the Indian football players, if nurtured in a proper way they will be the future stars in International football community. So with this step he is creating opportunities for players who are working hard to make there name in International Football.

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