Brad Pitt starrer "Fury" is a war film set during the World War 2. The Hollywood movie, which was released two weeks ago in North America, is ready to hit screens tomorrow in India (31 October).

"Fury" has been appreciated for its brilliant direction by David Ayer, and for electrifying performances by Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman. The captivating war sequences have also caught viewers' attention. The film is brutally violent, loud and tailor-made for action lovers, as per the audience who have seen the movie.

The heroic attempt by a five-man team led by Don Wardaddy Collier (Brad Pitt), who commands a Sherman tank against Germany when they are outnumbered forms the basic storyline of "Fury". As the film gets ready for its release, we bring to you one-line reviews posted by cine goers on Twitter. Find it below:

JasonJBurnham Posted
Cinema was class and #Fury was one of the best films I've seen in a while! @KienanLee

Rahul Nanda Wrote
Saw #BradPitt's #Fury, wonderful war film after ages. Edgy story of a troop of US solders in World War 2 in Germany. Super Production Design

Tammy Neese Posted
Fury is the most captivating visceral war movie I have seen. It encompasses the evolution of a soldiers psyche. 1word: BRAVO

Indigenist Wrote
I wouldn't be surprised if @LoganLerman gets an Oscar nod for his performance in #Fury - Definitely held his own.

Monita Rajpal Posted
I'm not a huge fan of war #films but I just saw #Fury. Absolutely riveting.

Rebecca Benson Tweeted
#fury is recommended. Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman particularly strong performances.

Rory Lailvaux Posted
David Ayer's #FURY was brutal. Incredible acton sequences and an amazing performance from @LoganLerman. Whew.

Peter Ramage Wrote
Love a good war film and Brad hasn't disappointed in #Fury ! Very much enjoyed my afternoon watch!

Josh Wilding Tweeted
#FURY was fantastic...easily one of the best war movies I've seen in fact. Can't wait to see what @DavidAyerMovies does with SUICIDE SQUAD!

Amanda Jupena Wrote
I don't usually like war movies, but i saw #fury last night & LOVED it. surprisingly accurate depiction of history.

Wouter De Bruycker Posted
#Fury has some of the most intense scenes since #Gravity. Coincidence or not but Steven Price did the score for both these movies.

Benjamin Byrne Wrote
A great movie. @LoganLerman was awesome, he played his role perfectly. He is one to watch. Definitely check it out. #fury #crittrmovies

Fury Movie Review
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