Furious 7
Critics state that the "Furious 7" has done justice to Paul Walker and it stands out in action sequences.Facebook/Fast & Furious

The most-anticipated upcoming film, "Furious 7", featuring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, has received positive reviews from film critics, who have appreciated the brave attempt to bring out unique action sequences.

Critics opine that the film has done justice to the late actor with excellent use of special effects and doubles, including his brother Caleb and Cody. However, when the movie is compared with other instalments of "Fast and Furious" saga, the critics were not satisfied with "Furious 7".

Here are the critical reviews of "Furious 7":


"Furious 7" is the first in the franchise without director Justin Lin at the helm since Tokyo Drift manages to deliver everything that "Fast and Furious" aficionados want. Most significantly, though, helmer James Wan handled the tragic death of lead Paul Walker with admirable grace, ultimately creating an emotionally impactful farewell. 

It's a testament to the filmmakers that one is able to give over to the good-natured absurdity of this world for the lion's share of the viewing experience. It's only at the close that Wan pauses for a wrenching, bittersweet tribute to to the actor, which is achieved with dignity and care.

The Telegraph

At two-and-a-quarter hours, "Fast & Furious 7" is long and lumpy, and expectations that a new director – James Wan, recruited from the relatively cheap Saw and Insidious horror series – might bring a Roger Corman-like efficiency to the franchise go mostly unmet.

Ghouls hoping to spot the joins will be disappointed. But as a commemoration of his talent – the peculiar one, vital to Hollywood's survival, of being able to shine like a brilliant-cut gemstone the moment you climb behind a steering wheel – the film does him justice.

Den of Geek

"Fast & Furious 7" isn't a big, fun, crowd-pleasing night out at the pictures. It's also highly affecting, particularly in the way it handles Brian's character following the tragic death of Paul Walker last year. For all its juvenile obsession with cavorting women in bikinis, shiny cars and big explosions, the Fast franchise has, unusually, readily acknowledged the passing of time and the ageing of its characters.

"Fast & Furious 7" does this particularly well, throwing in nods to the previous films in the franchise and giving Brian's story a dignified, unexpectedly moving sense of closure.