Christmas is just around the corner and it looks like the iconic image that we have had in our heads for years -- of Santa and his reindeer flying down from the North Pole on his sleigh passing across the full moon -- will actually come true this year.

If the latest astronomical predictions are anything to go by, then a full moon will light up the Christmas skies for the first time in the last 38 years. The full moon coinciding with Christmas Day is a rare occurrence — it last happened in 1977 and a NASA spokesperson told ABC News that this phenomenon won't happen again until the Christmas of 2034.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, every year, December's full moon -- the last of the year -- is also called the Full Cold Moon, Full Long Nights Moon or the Moon before Yule. And, this is because the "longest and darkest" nights fall in this month.

The reports also suggest that the full moon will reach its peak at 6.11 am ET on Christmas. The moon can be best viewed throughout the US on Christmas Eve and those in Europe will get a better glimpse on Christmas Day itself.

But, Slooh claims that it will provide its viewers a glimpse of Santa Claus and his reindeer flying across the Full Moon on his way down from the North Pole with the help of their new StarShare camera.

When the full moon will be high in the sky, the website says that its astronomers have predicted that we might be "able to catch a glimpse of jolly Saint Nick and his sleigh as he passes in front of the full moon".

The website shared that it will enable children and viewers to capture Santa and his team flying across the Christmas Full Moon Day skies through the StarShare camera, which will be available to public for free on this day.

Well, it looks like Christmas will indeed be very special this year with Full Moon making a special appearance.