Candace and Raven
Candace and Ravenscreenshot/youtube

Even before the US got a chance to truly rejoice in the Supreme Court's decision to make gay and lesbian marriage legal throughout the country, Candace Cameron Bure has made some controversial statements on "The View" that reminds us that discrimination based on sexuality is still very present in today's society.

The presenters were discussing the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes' refusal to make cake for a lesbian wedding, when Bure, who will soon be seen on Netflix's "Fuller House", stated that it was their right to do so. "This is about freedom of association, it's about constitutional rights, it's about First Amendment rights," Bure said. "We do have the right to still choose who we associate with".

Raven Symone, who is openly lesbian, took offence to Bure's stand and said that calling it their right when they do not want to be associated with gay people is no less ridiculous than saying it is their right not be associated with black people.

Bure argued that the owners themselves were not homophobic and that they had in fact baked cakes for the same couple previously also. "They had a problem with the actual ceremony because that, the ceremony, is what conflicted with their religious beliefs," Bure said.

It was soon clear that Bure was outnumbered and so, she appealed, "Here's the other thing that I really wish we could do as a society, as a culture, as a country, is to respect that we have opposing views".

Regardless of their opinion on the matter, the bakery in question has been fined $135,000 and hit with a gag order for refusing to bake the cake.