Will Elliot work with Mr Robot?
Will Elliot work with Mr Robot?Facebook / Mr Robot

Mr Robot season 2 ended with several cliffhangers that left fans wanting for more and recent reports suggest that that their wait will surely be worth it.

According to recent rumours, Joanna Wellick (portrayed by Stephanie Corneliussen) will have more active role and screen time in the upcoming season. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that her character will finally get to implement her ultimate plan in the next season.

Fans witnessed Wellick as a master manipulator in season 2. Disguised as a DJ, Wellick provoked E Corp CTO Scott Knowles in order to free her husband Tyrell of all the fake charges. However, it was just the initial phase of her plan.

Several speculations suggest that Tyrell Wellick (portrayed by Martin Wallstrom) is just another imagination of the protagonist of the series, Elliot (portrayed by Rami Malek) just like Mr Robot. However, nothing as such has been confirmed officially.

Tyrell was shown to be a real human being in season 2 where he was hiding most of the time in order to return for the implementation of Stage 2. It seems that with Joanna's assistance, he will have more control over the scheming.

Meanwhile, things haven't been much well for the fsociety members as it was revealed in season 2 that FBI is aware of their existence and has been keeping tabs on all of them.

Whether FBI will initiate a crackdown on all fsociety members in season 3 or the organisation will find a way out, will be seen once season 3 of Mr Robot airs. Though no exact air date has been announced, fans can expect to see their favourite show returning soon.