Fruit Ninja Kinect
Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 has surfaced on an Australian listing. (Image of Fruit Ninja Kinect)

Leaked listing suggests that Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 has been in development. The listing surfaced on Australian Ratings Board.

The listing has given a general classification for the game and has put it as a multi platform video game. So it is likely that the game could be released for Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. Further, it also mentions that Halfbrick Studios Private Limited is the publishers of the game and the country of origin is Canada. It also mentions Hibernum Creations as the developers of the game. The date of the classification is on 9 July 2014.

This game is a sequel to the original Fruit Ninja Kinect, which made its debut on August 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade. The game was developed by Halfbrick, and Microsoft Studios looked after the publishing part.

Though not denying the information on the ratings board, a representative, however said that he would not be able to currently share any details of the game, Polygon reported.

In the original game, players will make good use of Kinect's motion controls and slice the fruit into pieces. The game was originally released on iPhone and iPod Touch in April 2010. The mobile game has come to various devices and also to PlayStation Vita in August 2013.

This simple game conjured up the idea of slicing the fruit, and multiple slices would mean extra points. On the mobile devices, however, players will have use more number of fingers at the same time to have more slices. Missing three fruits will end the game, but if a player reaches the score, which is multiples of hundreds, then they will be able to gain an extra life. Players in the game must be extremely cautious as bombs too might appear in the game and anyone trying to slice them will end the game immediately.

There was more than 300 million downloads of Fruit Ninja in the US on iPhones by May 2012. In the first year, 739,000 units of Fruit Ninja Kinect were sold on Xbox Live Arcade. Both critics and consumers had positive reviews on the game.