Fresh Juices
Fresh juices can have adverse health effects for people, says expert.Creative Commons

Many people around the world think drinking fresh juice is one of the best and easiest ways to stay healthy and lose weight. Many popular celebrities and fitness experts have also given credit to juicing for their incredible curves.

However, experts have recently opined that healthy drinks can have adverse effects on the body. According to them, high sugar content in juices can trigger weight gain and increase the risk of several chronic illnesses including obesity, type 2 diabetics and heart diseases.

The nutritionists have also revealed that the process of juicing can significantly reduce the fibre content in fruits and vegetables. As a result, there could a rapid increase in food cravings.

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"Juices can sabotage weight loss because it doesn't have the fibre content in comparison with eating fruits with the skin and the activity of chewing, swallowing and then sending hormones to your brain of satiety," Jonathan Valdez, dietitian and owner of Genki Nutrition told Daily Mail Online.

Explaining further, Valdez said it is always better to consume whole fruits and vegetables rather than fresh juices. It is mainly because foods rich in fibre can help in maintaining a healthy weight by regulating the digestive system.

In a similar vein, certified dietitian-nutritionist Janie Zietlin said, "Although a small piece of fresh fruit is a healthy addition to any diet, it may be a significant source of sugar. When we juice, we have a tendency to include many fruits, in large quantities, in addition to starchy vegetables and sweetened beverages (non-dairy milks/coconut water)."

Carrot Juice
Juices should be consumed as snacks and not as an alternative to regular meals, says expert.Creative Commons

Dietitian and registered nurse Dr Vanessa Risetto has also said that healthy drinks can be very harmful to a person mainly because the "body cannot distinguish the difference" between straight up candy and drinks with high sugar content.

"These drinks contain lots of sugar so while a little natural sugar like the kind found in fruit juice may seem harmless, your body can't distinguish between that and straight up candy," she said,

Culinary nutrition expert Jessica Levinson also had a similar opinion. She revealed that juices may help in quick weight loss, but it will not be beneficial in a long run.

"While we could all benefit from greater consumption of fruits and vegetables, juicing is not a healthy or sustainable diet,' Levinson explained. 'Most people will lose weight while juicing due to the fact that they are taking in fewer calories than they need. However, once you resume a regular diet of whole foods, you are likely to gain that weight back," she explained.

Fresh Juice
Fresh juices can trigger weight gain, says expert.Creative Commons

Nevertheless, fresh juices can be consumed in a better way for a healthy weight gain. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Vanessa Rissetto has said that drinks should be considered as snacks and not as a replacement for regular meals.

"Juices shouldn't be incorporated in anyone's diet for weight loss. That to me is basically a fad diet and when you go back to eating regular meals you'll likely gain all the weight back," she said, adding, "In preparation, it should be blended with the skin and contents within the fruit so you are able to get the full benefits from the fibre."