World is celebrating Friendship Day on 2 August. In India, Friendship Day is a big celebration for the youngsters to show their affection to their best buddies.

However, the best part is the way one talks to their friends. The informal way to exchange dialogues filled with slangs is the way to show how much we love them. Below are some common dialogues that friends share in day-to-day life.

  • When you say this dialogue after you are drunk – "Bhai, Bhai hain Tu mera Bhai"
  • When you see your buddy after a long time – "Kahan Marr Gaya Tha? Chal Daaru Pila"
  • When you know he is trying to crack a joke – "Bhai, Tu Rehne De"
  • When your friend stops hanging out with you – "Girlfreind Kya Bani Bhool Gya Tu apne Dosto Ko"
  • When you see a girl or a guy and ask each of your friends – "Dekha Dekha, Mast Hain Na"
  • When you are at home, and your friend is calling you why have you not reached the theatre or any other places – "Bass 10 minute, bohot traffic hain"
  • When one of your friends is complaining of somebody – "Bass Tu Naam Bata, Fir Mein Dekhta Hun"
  • When you know you created a mess and want your best buddy to support you – "Sun, maine usko ye bola hai, toh tub hi ye hi boliyo."
  • When all of you meet after ages – "Yaad Hain wo Jab Hum School Mein The...."
  • When your friend's parents call you to ask where he is – "Arey Ghar se call hain tere, kya bolu?"