Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani and Mathew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends.Twitter

Actor Matthew Perry, the only among his 'Friends' without an account has finally joined Instagram. Co-star Lisa Kudrow welcomed Perry by saying "Can't believe my eyes MY EYES Welcome to Instagram @mattyperry4 #friendsforlife."

Matt Perry
Matt PerryInstagram

However, the actor has not posted anything to his account just yet, his profile pic featured a black-and-white photo of the actor sleeping, holding what looks like a yellow smiley-face balloon.

Lisa Kudrow portrayed Phoebe Buffay on the series. The actress, who recently guest-starred on the penultimate episode of The Good Place, shared the above photo of herself with her former co-star.

When Jennifer Aniston joined Insta

The last 'Friends' star before Perry to join Instagram was Jennifer Aniston.

The day Aniston debuted her Instagram account was a major event for the photo-sharing app as Aniston set a Guiness Wolrd record by hitting 1 million followers in just five hours and 16 minutes.

Moreover, some of her followers faced technical glitches as the Aniston's account faced huge traffic.

The sitcom after getting disengaged from Netflix is all set to stream May onwards on WarnerMedia's HBO Max.

Created by David Crane and Kauffman, Friends is about Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay are six 20 something year-olds, living off of one another in the heart of New York City.

Over the course of ten years, this average group of buddies goes through massive mayhem, family trouble, past, and future romances, fights, laughs, tears and surprises as they learn what it really means to be a friend.