Google's New One-Minute Android Ad Goes Viral; Is It The Best Android Commercial Ever? [WATCH]
Google's Short Android Ad Is A Hit; Goes Viral With Millions Of Views on YouTube [WATCH]YouTube Screenshot

Certain things in the world are best kept short and Google seems to agree. Its latest Android commercial for its "Be together. Not the same" campaign features a full cast of cute and adorable animals. The one-minute advertisement shows strange animal pairings, quite fittingly conveying the campaign's message loud and clear.

The new Android ad titled "Friends Furever" is a compilation of a series of six-second videos showing various animals playing and helping each other. The odd pairs of animals in the video stood strongly by the whole concept of the campaign. Everything, from an elephant playing with a sheep, a cat and a dog joining hands to get out of an apartment, tigers and bears cuddling with each other, and a bird feeding a dog, makes a strong statement.

The ad is fun to watch. Through this ad, Google wants its Android users to realise that despite different phones, all users are part of one big family.

The commercial has been well-received by the people, garnering more than five million views on YouTube in just four days. The sound track in the video is Roger Miller's 1973 ditty, "Oo-De-Lally" and aligns perfectly with the scenes.

It isn't clear if this new ad will fetch any financial gains for Google, but that shouldn't be worrisome if the web giant had no such intentions. Android's latest Lollipop OS version has been slowly appearing on some phones but not all. Despite being out for a while, Lollipop still powers less than 2 percent of the total Android smartphones. Most phones are simply not eligible for the upgrade while most flagships from other OEMs are awaiting their turn.

For now, enjoy Google's new worth-watching advert embedded from YouTube directly on this page.