Just a month is left before the release of upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront. However, in the build up to the game's release, a host of details have now emerged that speak loads about some of the features of the game.

As of now, EA has given us a taste of Battlefront Missions via Survival. In case you didn't know, Survival tasks players with outlasting increasingly difficult waves of Imperial Forces. Apart from that, the game is also set to feature Training, Battles and Hero Battles.

As the name suggests, the Training mode has been designed to let players be familiar with Battlefront. For starters, they'll pilot X-Wings over Tatooine, ride Speeder Bikes through Endor and even control Darth Vader to complete a host of in-game objectives.

Aside that, Battles will let you pick a side, and then test your skills against a friend or the AI. If not anything, this will be a great way to get accustomed to large-scale warfare just before diving into the multiplayer side of things.

Hero Battles, however, sound pretty intense. The mode will put you in control of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. This easily should turn out as one of the game's popular mission types, since it does require a bit of luck to become one of these characters when in multiplayer.

Talking about multiplayer, we already know by now that there will be Walker Assault, Blast, Drop Zone and vehicle-exclusive Fighter Squadron modes. Now, to add to that, it seems like the game will also feature stuff such as Supremacy, Cargo and Droid Run.

As far as Supremacy is concerned, note that up to 40 players can fight to control as many as five spots on some of the largest maps in the game. Apart from that, both ground and air-based vehicles will be made available to players.

Cargo, on the other hand, is basically a tug-of-war style mode. Here, both the Imperial and Rebel sides will try to grab precious cargo from the enemy base and deliver the goods to their own base.

In the end, there's the Droid Run that will challenge each team, comprised of six players each, to capture and protect three GNK Power Droids (AKA GONK Droids). Note that the GONK Droids are continually on the move, albeit slowly – but it won't be easy.

Now, a word on the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass. The Season Pass is set to include four expansion packs (release dates TBA). Season Pass subscribers will receive the content two weeks early and even a Shoot First emote. Fans, however, can also opt for the Battlefront Deluxe Edition that comes with everything.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]