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Update:  Feb. 12, 5.48 p.m.: TERI chancellor RK Pachauri was reportedly asked to go indefinite leave by the university board on Friday after protests against the sexual harassment-accused environmentalist strengthened. 

Alumni of TERI also denounced the academician on social media saying that they were ashamed to be part of the university.  

Update: 2:43 p.m. IST: The Delhi Police on Thursday told the Delhi High Court it would file a charge sheet against RK Pachauri in relation with the sexual harassment case within two weeks.

The court, during a hearing on Thursday, reserved its order on the plea of the complainant seeking cancellation of anticipatory bail granted to RK Pachauri, reported ANI. 

Original Story: A second complainant alleging sexual harassment against The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) ex-director general RK Pachauri surfaced two days after he was given the position of vice-executive chairman in the university and one day before a hearing about the cancellation of his anticipatory bail.

Pachauri, who was chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) when the organisation received the Nobel Peace Prize, had to leave his TERI position in 2015 after allegations of sexual harassment by a 29-year-old researcher.

The second allegation, made by a former employee of the institute, comes one day before a hearing at the Delhi High Court regarding cancellation of Pachauri's anticipatory bail, which is on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016.

The second complainant, whose statement was made known to the public by her lawyer Vrinda Grover, recently said she was harassed by Pachauri when she worked with TERI in 2003. She said she filed a complaint with the Delhi Police in April 2015 after the first allegations became public in February 2015. However, she never heard back from the police.

"She now feels it is time to break her silence and place the complete facts before the public given the fact that RK Pachauri is being rewarded by the TERI board rather than being held accountable," Vrinda Grover told Live Mint.

The statement by the complainant says Pachauri would call her to his room even when no work was to be discussed, would make sexual innuendos, had invited her to his residence for drinks, had held her hand and kissed her without consent. The current allegations fall in line with the first complainant's lawyer Prashant Mendiratta's claim that Pachauri is a "repeat offender".

The Delhi Police did not take on record the statements of the new complainant and one other against Pachauri, Grover had told The Hindu in July 2015.

"Despite both these women willing to come forward with their complaints and placing material evidence of sexual harassment on record, the police refused to act on these complaints," Grover told The Hindu.

Currently, no charge sheet has been filed against Pachauri.

Pachauri was removed from his position at TERI in 2015, and had quit the IPCC. 

Recently, students of the graduating batch of the institute refused to accept degrees from Pachauri. Now, the institute has issued a statement saying he will not be present at the convocation and the degrees will be presented by Leena Srivastava, the vice-chancellor.

"Pachauri has gone on leave so he won't be giving the degrees. Leena Srivastava will be officiating as the chancellor at the convocation," Rajiv Seth, pro vice-chancellor of the University, told Catch News.