Fresh Off the Boat Spoilers
Fresh Off the Boat Spoilers.Facebook/ Fresh Off the Boat

"Fresh Off the Boat" has caught up with the better days of the Huangs, as their Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse starts picking business and Jessica Huang (Constance Wu) asserts herself as a real estate agent. In Season 1 Episode 7 of "Fresh Off the Boat", which will air on Tuesday 3 March on ABC, Eddie is faced with a fresh dilemma: how impress your crush, when she is also your babysitter and sees you as an annoying child? 

"Showdown at the Golden Saddle" deals with the eldest Huang son's feelings for their neighbour while the parents try to solve the mystery of a vandalised billboard.

After they move to Orlando, Florida, the Huangs finally find their ground in the once unfamiliar neighbourhood, and Eddie "sex educates" his way into a group of friends in Episode 6 titled "Shaq Fu".  Eddie (Hudson Yang) had initially earned respect among his friends by kissing his mother's friend and his "older woman" neighbour Honey. She also happens to be the mother of his crush. 

Much to Eddie's fury, his parents hire Nicole (Luna Blaise), Honey's stepdaughter, as a babysitter for him and his two brothers, Emery (Forrest Wheeler) and Evan (Ian Chen). Before they leave, his father Louis (Randall Park) is quick to remind Nicole that "he", possibly referring to Eddie, has a gentle bowel, so she should stick to feeding him bland food.

As Eddie's futile attempts to impress the rebellious teenager fails repeatedly, his parents Louis and Jessica, who are invited to the country club, hope for a fun, well-deserved night out. Their steakhouse is finally getting a sizable number of customers and even has a billboard ad at a prim spot in Orlando. However, some hooligan keeps vandalising the billboard repeatedly, leaving it a mystery for the Huangs to solve in "Showdown at the Golden Saddle".

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