BattleCry will be released for Beta testing in 2015.Facebook

Bethesda has announced a new free-to-play third-person multiplayer combat video game - BattleCry.

BattleCry is a 32-player online game, set in a time where there was no gun powder. So players will have to use their swords in fights. The game will have its focus on melee combat and long-ranged weapons.

The game will have many unique aspects, like conflicts fought and settled to maintain peace. Players will fight these wars in certain WarZones. The game will also bring in weapons that can transform, like from a sword into a shield, bows piercing through armored skull and many more.

The game is developed by a new studio - BattleCry Studios, an Austin-based team.

BattleCry tells an alternative history where rules have to be strictly followed even during war. There are no large-scale battles since most of the wars between two countries are fixed through a small-scale battle.

"In the world of BattleCry a World War has broken out hundreds of years ahead of its time. The result of this is what we call a 'black powder treaty', banning the use of gunpowder in warfare," said Lucas Davis, design director of BattleCry, CVG reported.

"Additionally, nations have formed what we call 'Warzones' [where] your warriors come and fight for their factions."

There will be two teams of 16 players and will feature three factions, with two of them being The Royal Marines and The Cossack Empire. In every faction there will be five Warrior Classes; they are:

  • The Enforcer – Has the ability to transform his sword and has powerful attack.
  • The Duelist – Has the power to go invisible by using a cloak. Blades will be able to store energy.
  • The Tech Archer – Has a special bow that allows to shoot multiple arrows. Players of this class can throw daggers.
  • The Gadgeteer – This is a support class that has gadgets.
  • The Brawler – This class of players will be melee specialists and have a huge mechanic arm.

A beta version of the game will be released sometime in 2015, and will be supported by a long chain of DLCs and other required support.

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