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Lucky 6 Game ScreenshotsGoogle Play

Fat Cat Gaming, an Indian app development company, has launched a free mobile game. Named Lucky 6, the game allows you to earn real-life money worth ₹15 Lakh. Available for free on Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Amazon app store, the Lucky 6 can be played through any Android smartphone/ tablets and iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch devices.

The game is entertaining and easy to play - users can simply download the app and use their skill and judgement to select the six brands they believe will perform best based on the gain in their stock price. The player who predicts all six correctly wins the ₹15 lakh jackpot. But even if the jackpot isn't won, the highest scoring player wins ₹65,000.

Prizes are not just limited to the winners. By sharing the app with others, players increase their chances of winning. If a player introduces a friend and that friend wins, a 'sharer' bonus of anything up to ₹2 lakh is awarded to the player who invited them. 

Sulim Malook, CEO and founder of Fat Cat Gaming, says, "Lucky 6 offers the opportunity to win tangible prizes, not just another set of credits or achievements. We believe this will revolutionise the Indian gaming market, which is already expanding, thanks to a young population with an insatiable appetite for social gaming."

Lucky 6 takes place every Tuesday and Friday starting at 9am. To play, one just needs to download the app from Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon App Store from the links given below.