If your MacBook or MacBook Pro is one of the thousands that were affected by the widespread stained Retina screens, here's some good news. According to MacRumors, Apple has issued an internal notice for a new quality program that replaces any damaged Retina displays at no cost to its owners.

It gets even better, as Apple is also fixing damaged MacBooks that are no longer under manufacturer's warranty and offering refunds to those who spent on the repair.

Apple MacBook issues with the anti-reflective coating wearing off from the Retina displays originated in March and have since gone viral. Affected customers started a public group on Facebook, which has over 4,100 members, and a Staingate.org petition to bring the issue to Apple's attention directly.

According to the Change.org website, signs of damages on a MacBook's Retina display can start as early as seven months after the purchase.

As it appears, all the efforts are finally paying off. Several customers have reported that their damaged MacBook displays were replaced for free.

Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro affected by the Staingate issue will get free repair within three years from the date of purchase or one year from 16, October, 2015, whichever is longer. Customers who already spent on fixing their out-of-warranty MacBooks can avail a refund through AppleCare support.

Apple hasn't publicly announced the recall but affected customers can book an appointment with a Genius Bar or visit an Apple authorised service center to check if their MacBook is eligible for the free coverage.