Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan bout is what fans will love to witness early next yearReuters

Though Manny Pacquiao might be gradually recovering from his shoulder surgery conducted in May, the Filipino's camp already seems to be thinking about his next potential opponent. Manny Pacquiao is expected to fight early next year.

It was only recently that Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum talked about Amir Khan being a potential opponent. Now his trainer Freddie Roach has named two opponents he could face--Amir Khan and Danny Garcia. Roach personally wants Pacquiao to fight Garcia.

"I want Danny Garcia, that's my choice. That's the easiest fight in the f****** world, you can tell his dad [Angel Garcia] that as well," Roach told Boxing News.

"His dad psyched Amir Khan out but he won't psych Pacquiao out I promise. Pacquiao will knock Garcia out. I like the dad but he talks too much s***."

Though Roach might want a Pacquaio versus Garcia fight, but most boxing fans will be asking for a Amir Khan vs Manny Pacquiao bout, especially after Floyd Mayweather decided to snub Amir Khan for his farewell fight in September when the British boxer was a serious contender.

However, Roach does not mind seeing Amir Khan and Pacquiao inside the same ring as he knows both the boxers at the back of his hand after having trained Khan in the past. If the fight shapes up, the bout could be entertaining as they are said to be quick on the feet and do not shy away from throwing punches.

"I'd definitely be interested in the fight. They're two fast guys, they have history as they've trained together, sparred a few rounds together and it's a good fight for both guys," said Roach.

"People have spoken to me about a fight with Amir, he has some friends who train at the gym and they've asked me to sit down in some meetings to discuss it," he added.

Most of the biggest professional fights take place in the US, but one should not be surprised if the bout between Khan and Pacquiao will be held in the Middle East, primarily Dubai.

But Roach is not sure if the fight will take place in Dubai. "The thing about those guys from Dubai, they talk like they have a lot of money but they never put it up, so I'm not really concerned with that at this point," he said.