Nice attack
Nice attackReuters

As many as 80 people died in Nice, France, after a truck laden with weapons rampaged its way through a Bastille Day parade on Thursday night. French President Francois Hollande called it a "terrorist attack" and extended the emergency period in the country.

Sympathies and condolences poured in from across the world for the victims of the attack. Not only top political leaders, but pioneers from various fields took to Twitter to express their solidarity with France, which has been subjected to repeated terror attacks in the past year.

Indian leaders, including the prime minister and president, had the following to say.

"Appalled by the horrific attack in Nice. I strongly condemn such mindless acts of violence. My thoughts are with the families of deceased," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"India stands shoulder to shoulder with the people and Government of France as it responds to #NiceAttack," said President Pranab Mukherjee

"Attack in Nice: Many dead as lorry hits crowd - horrible terrorist tragedy - I grieve for France and the victims," Kiran Mazumdar Shaw tweeted.

U.S. President Barack Obama's office issued a statement condemning the terror attack. 

The U.S. State Secretary John Kerry issued the following statement: 

Democratic Party candidate for U.S. presidential elections Hillary Clinton on Friday issued a statement expressing "solidarity" for the victims.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted his condolences on Thursday, "My prayers and condolences to the victims and families of the terrible tragedy in Nice, France. We are with you in every way!" He also cancelled a press conference, during which he was supposed to make a vice presidential announcement on Friday. 

Other people on Twitter condemned the gruesome attack on the sea-side French city on Thursday. 

"The attack on #Nice is absolutely sickening. The world doesn't need anymore senseless violence," said a Twitter user Serene Louise. 

"Terrorism has no religion but terrorists do;Let's not shrug off #NiceAttack as just another one by radicals;It 'HAS' a lot to do with #Islam," tweeted another user Sharad K Shrivastava.