An elementary school teacher, who had claimed on Monday that a masked man had attacked him citing Isis inside the school premises in a Parisian suburb, had been lying about the incident.

The police, on questioning the man, found that the report was false. Paris prosecutor's office and the local prosecutor said they are trying to find out the motive behind the man's actions.

The kindergarten teacher working at the Jean Perrin nursery school in Aubervilliers, a north-eastern suburb of Paris, had a slight wound on his neck on Monday when he made the claim. He was also reportedly taken to Lariboisière Hospital in Paris.

The 45-year-old teacher had said that a man wearing overalls and balaclava had attacked him with a box cutter and scissor in classroom around 7.15 am, when students were not present.

He further said that the masked assailant had said, "This is Daesh. This is a warning."

Following this, the police began a manhunt for the masked individual and the school was suspended, to be resumed on Tuesday.

It also led to Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visiting the nursery school in the suburb, after which he vowed to increase security in schools across the country, reported The Guardian.

In November, Daesh had, in its French-language publication Dar-al-Islam, said that the schools in France should be targeted for their secular teachings as it was "in open war against the Muslim family".

The fake report comes in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed 129 lives and injured many.