A Syrian refugee who tried to climb on the roof of a UK-bound freight train from France was electrocuted on late Thursday. Eurotunnel officials found the body near the entrance of the Channel Tunnel late on Thursday night.

"The individual died after he was electrocuted trying to climb on to the freight car," a spokesman for the local authorities in northern France told AFP. The officials told AFP that it was the 10th body of a migrant they had found near the Channel Tunnel since June. 

He is the 65th such causality in the French port town since 2002, according to the data with campaign group Calais Migrant Solidarity, Express.UK reported.

A spokeswoman for Eurotunnel, which operates the cross-channel link, said, "We deplore the incident, which proves once again that any attempt to cross the Channel illegally carries considerable risks."

After France and Britain beefed up security at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais, migrants have been looking for new routes. Last month, the Eurotunnel had raised alarm that the migrants were taking the freight trains heading for the tunnel from the French railway network.

Even as the Eurotunnel has increased security in the yard, migrants still continue to make such risky attempts to reach UK.