Fourth of July, which falls on Monday this year, marks the Independence Day of the United States. From fireworks and parades to picnics and concerts, there are quite a few things to put on your agenda as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

July 4th marks the anniversary of the day when the 13 American colonies claimed their independence from England, and later went on to form the United States. With the national holiday on Monday, Americans will get a nice long weekend for the July 4 celebrations. 

Making full use of the long weekend, a few celebrities seem so to have already made huge plans for the Independence Day celebrations. Actress Gabielle Union and husband Dwayne Wade, for example, were spotted enjoying a holiday in Ibiza, Spain. Photos of the great-looking couple have been shared by Popsugar.

Reese Witherspoon also seems to be spending the weekend in water:

Vanessa Williams, who is celebrating the weekend in Spain posted on her Instagram page: 

Idina Menzel is at a dodger's game and wants to know how her fans will be spending the weekend:

Lea Michele of "Glee" and "Scream Queens" fame, meanwhile, seems to have decided to keep things chill and relaxing this Fourth of July weekend:

Many celebrities have also started wishing their fans a happy Independence Day 2016 through wishes, messages and in some cases, jokes and sarcasm:

Meanwhile, President Obama had this to say: