Fourth of July
More than 70,000 tweets have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag #REASONSTOBEAMERICAN.Reuters

The Fourth of July, the day the United States received independence from Britain, is being celebrated with zeal, enthusiasm and excitement across all the American cities.

While it is a time for Americans to enjoy and relax, many have taken to microblogging site Twitter and are posting messages with hashtags #REASONSTOBEAMERICAN and #4thofJuly2014, which have on top trending topics, since the wee hours of Independence Day.

While some are in the mood to chip in a few jokes, most Twitter users saw emotions and patriotic feelings getting the better of them on this important day.

"We still are innovative, resilient and some of the most creative people in the world... We have freedom to make choices," says a user named @thecinemafan.

The reason to be an American is because it is the "land of the free and the home of the brave", according to 'Sarmad Faiz', while 'Tamara Jones' was rather blatant and straightforward in her reason: "You can do what the f@*k you want! Within reason of course."

Some others, however, appeared to have no reason to be patriotic and display their sentiments on the occasion and chose to be realistic instead.

"I guess because I like here, ya that sounds like a good enough reason to me. Fulfils the criteria," says a user named 'Spwves'.

And for 'William Gapes', the reason was "because your dumb ass was born in the US".

According to BBC Trending, more than 70,000 tweets have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag so far, with California tweeting the most number of posts. 67 percent of the tweets were made by women - an indication, perhaps, that more women were patriotic than men.

Here are a few interesting tweets with the hashtag: