Kuldeep Nikam

Kuldeep Nikam is one of the most influential personalities to be around. The young founder of Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan is not only a spiritual personality but has so many interesting stories and knowledge to impart. In one of our recent meetings with the man who is also very popular on YouTube, he shared the story of having an astral body experience. He describes the feeling of having a floating soul and vision. The experience, he says, gave him a better perspective to look at himself and his life choices. This, incidentally, also awakened him to sense what's real and fake in this materialistic world.

The spiritual personality shares that he has started to recite Ram-Raksha, lord Ganpati's Atharva –Shirsha, religious stotras and other spiritual literature in his teenage. He, however, attributes this experience to study more about attaining the knowledge to have astral journeys. He says these journeys helped him travel across places and be present at all of these places at the same time and helped him attain the knowledge of everyone's emotional state and what's happening in their life, travelling from one body to another.

Soon after this, he said he quit the materialistic world at the young age of 24 and started his pursuit to help everyone in need. Talking about how one can look forward to having astral body experiences, he has shared some ideas -

"When you gain the knowledge to have astral journeys, you reach closer to the Lord. This gives meaning and purpose to life," he smiles. But how does one attain this knowledge? He says that one should embed itself in Ananhat Chakra Sadhana. This sadhana is tough but helps one meet their three lower chakras with the three upper chakras. This puts a man in a place of extreme satisfaction, free from the worries of this world.

He also has great knowledge to share about dark magic, Karanee Baadha, Naam-Smaran and Parayan. His teachings also include how to recognize Kuldevta and how to follow their religious rituals.