Much-expected Foundation update to No Man's Sky now more widely live to PS4 and PC gamers across the world
Foundation update to No Man's Sky is now more widely live to PS4 and PC gamers across the world.No Man's Sky

Gamers and loyalists of action-adventure game No Man's Sky would be thrilled to know that the much-awaited Foundation Update is now live on a wider scale. Players across the world would now get the update in the form of a bulky 2.7GB-sized file. The USP of the latest Foundation Update is that it introduces foundations to the base building, which is also an indicator of prominent things to come.

No Man's Sky loyalists are expecting the Foundation Update to improve the game, and the patch, at least on paper, does not disappoint as it adds the crucial base building element. The other notable new aspects introduced by the Foundation patch (to No Man's Sky) are:

  • The Normal, Survival and Creative Modes; which can be played with different rule sets.
  • Enhanced Farming; which should now let players cultivate outdoor different categories of biome-dependant crops. Players can also resort to indoor cultivation or at the Freighter with the help of Hydroponic Labs. Customised Farming Specialists can also be hired by players to research about and even cultivate as many as 10 new plant types.
  • Players can even purchase massive interstellar Freighters.
  • Players should now be able to make use of the newest recruitment system in order to bring onboard engineering, weaponry, science and farming experts in order to cultivate and research new technology.
  • Players should be able to use the all new Intelligent Quick Access menu for efficient access to the Inventory.
  • Motion blur technology incorporated to accentuate the feeling of speed, during in-flight operations.