After a week's break, "The Fosters" will air season 3 episode 8 titled "Daughters" on Monday, 3 August. Rest assured the plot will stay true to its title and introduce Rita's daughter and also deal with Callie being Stef and Lena's daughter legally.

"Daughters" will mainly deal with Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Rita (Rosie O'Donnell). From the promo, it looks like Callie is staying at Girls United and when Rosie asks her own daughter Chloe (Marcella Lentz-Pope) what she was doing at the house, she replies she was getting to know her foster sister. This suggests that she has been/will be living there for a while, until her adoption formalities get sorted out.

In the previous episode "Faith, Hope, Love", Brandon's (David Lambert) illegal past – more specifically the restraining orders against him – came to light in front of the social worker who is in charge of Callie's adoption. And hence, she had ruled that the Fosters' household is the ideal living environment for Callie, which is possibly why she is staying with Rita.

When she is there, Rita's mentally-ill daughter Chloe visits, much to Rita's chagrin. It is quite evident that the mother and daughter do not get along, and soon get into a disagreement, which ends with Rita asking Chloe to leave.

According to the spoiler for "Daughters", a secret Rita holds will surface, shocking Callie. Will this revelation also lead to Callie separating from Lena (Sherri Saum) and Stef (Teri Polo), and by default her brother Jude (Hayden Byerly)?

Chandra Wilson of "Grey's Anatomy" fame, who directed "Daughters" said, "We do get to see more of Rita's personal life. We see her home. We find out she has a daughter. I was really excited to work with the Girls United girls."

She also asked fans to definitely tune in for the upcoming episode, promising that there is a nice twist that should not miss: "...get ready to head towards the season finale. There's a nice twist that happens. I was glad to be part of it."

Watch out for season 3 episode 8 of "The Fosters" at 8.00 pm (EST) on ABC. You can also live stream "Daughters" via ABC Go.