After the long and torturous mid-season break, "The Fosters" is returning to Freeform (new name for ABC family) on next Monday, 25 January. Jesus (Noah Cantineo) has returned home for good, while Callie (Maia Mitchell) has, finally and legally, become a member of the Fosters family.

In Season 3 Episode 11, Brandon (David Lambert) and Callie are still trying to learn how to live with each other. In the promo for the upcoming episode, they are seen having many disagreements, with Brandon telling his adoptive sister/former lover: "We can't be in this together". They are both teary-eyed, meaning the Fosters siblings' drama is far from over.

Meanwhile, their brother Jesus, who was from boarding school in the mid-season finale, is in some sort of trouble and no one in his family knows about it. In "Lucky", he had lied to his family saying he returned to surprise them for Callie' adoption, but he revealed to twin sister Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) that he cannot return to school. It remains unclear why.

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Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) had decided on moving away from his father's house and shifting in with his mother in Los Angeles in the previous episode. In the upcoming episode, there will probably be a farewell scene between him and boyfriend Jude (Hayden Byerly). In the promo Jude is seen telling Connor: "Nothing is going to be the same without you".

The promo also sees Stef (Teri Polo) holding up a document and asking wife Lena (Sherri Saum): "What the hell is this?" In the mid-season finale, the Fosters' matriarchs were having serious marital troubles, with jealousy and cheating playing almost breaking them up. However, they did reconcile during Callie's adoption process.

While providing a happy home for Callie is important, would it be worth sacrificing their happiness? Could they have decided to call it quits after all, considering Stef's reaction to the documents make it look like she may have been served with divorce papers?

It could also have been that Lena made the papers before they reconciled and forgot about them. Regardless, all fans are hoping and praying that the Fosters mamas will stay together; the truth will be revealed on Monday, 25 January.