"Forza Motorsport 6" is the latest racing video game from the developer, Turn 10 Studios. Following its release on May 17, players have faced several issues with the game after it received a new NASCAR expansion pack.

The new update is around 106MB in size. The update promises fixes to players facing issues with continuation in career without upgrades and Drivatars losing collision.

Here are the notes on the new update that promises issue fixes (Forza Motorsport Forum):

  • Rolling starts have been moved back by 15 meters on the following courses: Rio Full, Rio National, Rio Coast Loop, Indy GP Classic, Indy GP, Yas Marina South, and all Watkins Glen ribbons.
  • For lapped traffic, "Distance behind" in HUD now measures distance by meters or feet, not laps
  • Fixed an issue with Drivatars losing collision after a rewind when the Drivatars are in a pitting state, but outside of pit lane
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to continue in career without upgrades

Turn 10 Studios had released a NASCAR expansion pack that brought about 24 NASCAR cars from the 2016 NASCAR season. This pack included new NASCAR World Tour career mode with over 10 hours of racing and a new destination – the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The pack also adds NASCAR themes to Rivals, Leagues and multiplayer modes. Other new features include a new Quick Stop mode, complex drafting model, and new levels of strategy. The pack was priced $20 to Xbox One users. The game is exclusive to Xbox One.