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Teams in Formula One are known to share information and data from both drivers to improve their performances over the course of the practice, qualifying and during the race so that both drivers can perform to the best of their abilities.

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However, Lewis Hamilton has called for a complete overhaul of the teammate system in Formula One and says that it would be fairer to keep that crucial information hidden and allow the natural ability of each driver to dictate more of the result.

The three times world champion will have a new teammate in Valtteri Bottas for the 2017 Formula One season and the Brit feels that sharing data between teammates is against the spirit of the competition.

"I go out, do my laps, do all my homework and the other guy can see everything, and I don't think they should. I have asked my team. I don't want to see my teammate. I don't feel it's fair that he brings his A-game and I should be able to study his A-game on a computer," The Express quoted Hamilton as saying.

"For example, when we're driving we're picking out braking points, bumps, and tire rubber marks on the track, all these different things to help get you through the corner quickest. And the other driver probably naturally may be able to do more or less than you are.

"But because of this data they can just copy you. 'Oh, he's braking five meters later there, I'll go out and I'll try braking five meters later'. So that's what I really dislike, because it enables them to get closer." 

The Mercedes driver went on to add that he loves go-karting for this reason because in go-karting each driver gathers information about the track by running the kart and learning from their mistakes, basically saying you either have the racing intuition or not.

"That's what I loved about go-karting; you weren't able to do that and that was where just your raw talent is able to shine. You're hiring whoever the next person is because they've hopefully won some things along the way as well and you're hiring them for their ultimate skill all round.

"They should be able to go out there on their own and find it all themselves, without you. You could take a young kid from Formula 3, have them just go on a simulator and drive every single day and try and get to my lines. And eventually, they'd probably get to my lines.

"He should have to discover that himself. You've got to find the limit yourself, that's the whole challenge of being a racing driver" Hamilton said.

Meanwhile, Mercedes are set to launch their new car for the 2017 Formula One season on Thursday with the first race of the 2017 season, the Australian Grand Prix, set to take place on Sunday, March 26 and Mercedes will be looking to continue their dominance in Formula One.