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David Coulthard.Reuters.

The 2017 Formula One season is set to start in a week with the Australian Grand Prix. After losing the world championship to Nico Rosberg last season, Lewis Hamilton will be keen to regain his world championship title.

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The Brit has been tipped as the favourite to win the world championship this season. Meanwhile, former Formula One driver David Coulthard said Hamilton could quit at the end of the season. Coulthard feels that, after last season's intense battle with Rosberg, Hamilton might not have the appetite for another 20-race marathon.

Rosberg surprised everyone after he decided to retire at the end of last season and Coulthard feels Hamilton might do the same at the end of this season.

"It wouldn't take much for him to say, for want of a better word, f*** it? 'Thank you, I'm off. It could be sooner than we may all want. He's got enough money to make those decisions. When things are working well you see the passion, you can see the little boy in the man," The Express quoted him as saying.

"But when you see him being asked the same questions day in day out, you can see the eyes glaze over. And when that passion goes, you can fool the people but you can't fool yourself. He could even go during the season."

Mercedes were one of the fastest cars during pre-season testing in Barcelona and despite being far less experienced than Hamilton, Coulthard feels that his new teammate, Valtteri Bottas could give him a run for his money.

"Lewis is beatable and this is Bottas's opportunity to show if he's exceptional. We know he's good but how good is he? Ferrari have a better car than they have had in the last few years but I don't see Raikkonen beating Vettel over the course of a season. It could be Vettel if he delivers," said the former McLaren driver.