YG Entertainment seems to be shrouded in controversy once again. The South Korean entertainment company was at the receiving end of several allegations made by former YG Entertainment artiste Pryhme. On Monday, Aug. 22, the Korean rapper alleged that his skills were neglected and abused while he was still under Yang Hyun Suk's banner.

Prhyme, who debuted with YG Entertainment in 2002 with boy group Moogadang, claimed his band was promoted to buy time before BIGBANG's debut. He also alleged that Moogadang was used as a "gateway to Eun Joo's solo debut and Baek Kyung's producing," reported Allkpop.

The rapper added that he was summoned to parties rather than to the studio. In his words, this lifestyle affected him adversely to the extent that he couldn't have a family dinner on weekends.

Prhyme continued, "I didn't even drink that much back then so I was used as a driver when we drank with famous people or those in higher positions. After my contract ended I was negatively affected. So I immediately gave up on trying to make appearances on broadcasts and that's why I started again from the bottom. I will do my best for those who listen to my voice."

The former YG Entertainment artiste's allegations became viral after he commented on an article about Yoo Byung Jae, another K-pop celebrity working in the same company. While promoting his upcoming SBS drama "Flower Crew," Yoo said he wished Yang would concentrate on some of his artistes and release albums. Prhyme's comments on the article have since been deleted but nonetheless, they have gone viral.

However, this isn't the only controversy the South Korean entertainment company is facing. According to reports, YG Entertainment was penalised by the National Tax Service (NTS). Another Allkpop article claimed that the company failed to pay taxes and was fined a fee of 3.4 billion Korean won after tax authorities conducted their investigation in May 2016.