Veteran CPI(M) leader and former Kerala finance minister T Sivadasa Menon died on June 28. He was aged 90. 

Sivadasa Menon has been facing age-related ailments for several months, and he has been undergoing treatment at Kozhikkode MIMS Hospital. 

Sivadasa Menon

In his decades-long political career, Sivadasa Menon has served as a CPI(M) state committee member and CPI(M) district committee secretary. 

In the 1987 EK Nayanar Government, T Sivadasa Menon served as the electricity minister, and in the 1996 government, he was the finance minister. 

Sivadasa Menon's wife is Bhavaniyamma who died a few years back. He has two daughters, Lakshmi Devi and Kalyani. 

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