Former Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung will be flaunting her swimming skills in the upcoming Chinese reality show, "Yes! Coach".

The celeb recently uploaded a promotional photo of her receiving training from professional swimming coach Sun Yang on social networking site.

The image shows her standing along with other cast members such as Joey Yung, Aarif Rahman, Joey Yung and Michelle Chen, and listening to their guide.

Earlier, Dragon Television had released a teaser trailer of "Yes! Coach" and it had shots of Jessica participating in various training sections. The clip showed her preparing for a swimming competition as she is seen learning precise strokes from her coach, according to Koreaboo.

The show, which premiered on Friday, 7 August, focuses on the various challenges faced by the cast members as they learn swimming from professional coaches.

The 27-year-old America-born Korean entertainer officially left SM Entertainment last week. After deciding to pursue a career in fashion industry, the celeb had several discussions with the firm on terminating her contract.

On 6 August, both the parties released official statements announcing their decision to part ways. The former Girls' Generation member is reportedly in search of an entertainment agency that can promote her both in China and Korea.

"There are a lot of things for her to take care of including figuring out a place of residence as well as advertisement shootings. She plans to continue her career as a singer as well as work on her fashion brand," a source said.