Former EXO members Luhan and Kris aka Wu Yifan have received mixed reactions over their contract nullification case with South Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment.

The legal dispute recently took a new turn after the Seoul Central District Court ordered standard civil proceedings.

Although several reports suggest that the court's decision will have a negative impact on the professional lives of the young celebs, some of their followers still say otherwise.

According to a recent poll conducted by International Business Times, 57% of the respondents believe the professional activities of Kris and Luhan will be put on hold for a long time, while 43% say that the two will continue to work in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Here are some of the fans' reactions to the contract nullification case between SM Entertainment and the former K-Pop stars:


I love Kris and Luhan with all my heart and i do not think they deserve SM taking over their lives!!! I hate SM with a passion and this just topped the cake!


This whole situation is getting ridiculous now. I'm tired of all of this, I personally think Kris and Luhan just wanted to get famous in Korea and then become soloists in China with the popularity that they gained through SM and EXO. I want Tao, Kris and Luhan to go back to SM and Exo just like BAP did with TS entertainment. I want them to give SM another chance but from the looks of it, it's not gonna happen.


It's not Kris and luhan's fault. They're doing what's best for them and their health. If they really wanted to be famous in China they should have stayed in EXO cause right they are less popular then when they were in EXO.


Kris and Luhan definitely did not try to cause all of this misunderstanding and ridiculous matter, since the reason they quit was due to health issues, and health always comes first. I really do hope that their lawsuits will end ASAP so that they don't have to continue holding this burden on their shoulders. Their professional life can continue rising positively, even though this court proceeding is currently affecting them. But in order to stop the affection of it, the lawsuit must be resolved. Wish them all the best! 


They just used their popularity as exo member. SM Entertainment just doing what is right.


Kris has every right to think of himself before others. Luhan does too. It would've been much worse if Kris and/or Luhan fell deeply ill. The reason for this lawsuit was because the two boys wanted to end things before they got worse. We've seen plenty of the self-help books Kris has and the IV injection scars on Luhan's hands during the Mircales of December promotions. Even if they did return to EXO, it wouldn't help the remaining members emotionally. So as a result, I really do hope the boys can end this lawsuit this year and continue their solo works. They have every right to hink of their own welfare before others.