The Witness
The WitnessYou Tube/ Screen Shot

Former EXO member Luhan-starrer Chinese movie, "The Witness" will reportedly hit select theatres in South Korea this month. The film is scheduled to screen at the Dongyang Arts Center Theater in Seoul on Thursday, 14 Sept.

The crime thriller by Ahn Sang-hoon is a remake of the popular Korean movie "Blind". It revolves around the life of a former policewoman named Lu Xiaoxing, played by popular Chinese actress Yang Mi.

Initially, the film focuses on the various changes that take place in the protagonist's life after she meets with an accident. Gradually it introduces viewers to a serial killer named Tang Zhen, played by Zhu Yawen and the juvenile eyewitness Linchong, portrayed by Luhan.

"The Witness" also stars Wang Jingchun as Captain Lu, who tries to solve the mystery behind missing women in the city with the help of Xiaoxing and Linchong. Other cast members in the film include Liu Ruilin as the adoptive brother of Yang Mi's character and Lai Yi as a rookie police officer.

The suspense thriller, which was released in China last October, was a blockbuster hit in the box office with an earning of US$ 35.6 million. It is even said to be the first Chinese-Korean collaborative movie to become successful in China, according to Nate.

So the fans of the popular Chinese entertainer and former EXO member Luhan are expecting the film to be a great success in South Korea.

Watch the trailer of "The Witness" below: