Former EXO member Kris aka Wu Yifan has made some shocking revelations through the official statement released by his representatives in response to the lawsuit filed by popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment at a Beijing court on 30 July.

The young Chinese entertainer opened up about the various hardships that he had to go through during his tenure with the company.

The 24-year-old celeb revealed that he joined the entertainment agency with an ambition to become a star, but the firm's unfair distribution of profits and exploitation of basic human rights forced him to leave the boy band.

The former EXO member also stated that the South Korean company had asked him to take a leave from the group for next few months. "After multilateral negotiations, Kris returned to the team, but he was continuously treated unfairly and oppressively. SM's discriminatory treatment, unbearable treatment, and lack of vacation resulted in a serious health problem for Kris," read the statement.

The representatives even revealed that the Chinese entertainer was under medication since July 2013 and was diagnosed with myocarditis in January 2014. But the record label never considered his health condition and forced him to work for the firm.

Meanwhile, the celeb even counter-argued the allegations made by the agency about his solo activities in China. He revealed that the Seoul Central District Court ordered "SM Entertainment to grant management rights to him outside of Korea" on 14 May.

"Kris' side considered the court's decision fair. But even after a year of negotiations, SM did not accept the court's decision, and they continue to take the issue to court. This is SM trying delay terminating the contract with Kris and to get in the way of his career as an entertainer," stated the representatives.

While stating that Wu Yifan is trying to solve the legal dispute with the help of a Chinese-Korean legal team, the representatives revealed that he will continue to work in the Chinese entertainment industry. "He will not make any claims to the SM Entertainment's contract with him until the lawsuit is settled, and he will leave all matters to the legal team," added the statement.