Huang Zitao a.k.a Tao, a former member of popular South Korean Chinese boy band – EXO, has come up with another shocking revelation against popular record label, SM Entertainment.

The Chinese entertainer explained the various hardships that he had to go through during his tenure with the agency. He stated that he worked really hard even while he was suffering from serious injuries.

"During a program playing basketball, I injured my ligaments. At the time, I still worked hard because my fans were right there, but the label pressured me to continue with my schedule even with the serious injury," said the former EXO member.

The young heartthrob was interacting with the host of Chinese talk show, Ke Fan Ting Qing, wherein he hinted about his interest in rejoining the boy band.

"I was willing to sacrifice for my team, but the limit comes when you go too far," Allkpop quoted him as saying. The Road singer concluded the chat by saying, "I didn't want to live tired like that."

However, this is not the first time Tao is blaming SM Entertainment for his departure from EXO. Last Year, he released a press statement against the agency after it filed a contract nullification case against him in a Beijing court.

In the statement, the Chinese entertainer explained about the label's unfair treatment and exploitation of human rights. He even talked about its discrimination between the Korean and the Chinese members.

Meanwhile, Tao is the third EXO member to leave the boy band after Kris a.k.a Wu Yifan and Luhan. He filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in August 2015. While the two of his former teammates have already settled their contracts, he is yet to end his legal dispute with the firm.