Video game developer 343 Industries is not far away from releasing the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians. However, for the moment, the developer is more concerned about the future of the series and of the company. The developer recently discussed some of those issues.

In a recent Golden Joysticks Halo 5: Guardians special interview, Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development director for Microsoft) and Bonnie Ross (Corporate vice president and Head of 343 Industries) spoke of the future of the series, and even about where it will stand in the next 10 years. "We do kind of know what's going to happen in the next game pretty well at this point. We're doing serious, real planning and even some writing on the next game already, and that's a luxury – we've never been in that position before," said O'Connor.

"So we both know at a very high level what's going to happen in, say, 10 years from now. But at that very granular level knowing what's going to happen in the next game and that's just been a great feeling for me."

Bonnie Ross, on the other hand, stated: "You can look at the ending of Halo 4 – and where Master Chief is and obviously we had to know where we were going to take Halo 5 and Halo 6 with that. You have an epic sci-fi universe and we have multiple ways that we can go with this story, but all the pieces are laying there. The canvas is there for us to paint."

As of now, Halo 5: Guardians is set for release on 27 October, exclusively for the Xbox One.

[Source: Twinfinite]